Great news for Classic Car fans! On April 18th, Petrolhead Days is hosting a Petrolhead Thursday for Classic Cars Only. No racing licence needed and no noise limitations, just man and machine in its purest form. Drive your classic car at Circuit Zolder like back in the good old days. Enjoy distinctive classics, hear the carburetors sucking in cold air and feel the petrol running through your veins.

Youngtimers and Classic Cars have their own trackday sessions with maximum 25 cars on the racetrack at the same time to ensure safety on track. The Petrolhead sessions are meant for people without racing licence who gently want to discover driving their classic sportscar on a racetrack. Each group will have 5 track sessions of 20 minutes. The first 2 sessions are guided by an instructor who leads small groups on track to show the braking points, racing lines and techniques. The 3 following sessions are free to drive at your own pace, coaching by our professional Petrolhead instructors is possible upon demand.

To add up to this, you can join us to celebrate the 40th anniversary of BMW M1. 40 of these early supercars will drive Circuit Zolder to honor their 40th birthday. Besides this, different historic race cars will drive during separate sessions to prepare for Historic Grand Prix at Circuit Zolder one week later. Find out all about historic raceteams and get closer to the machines than ever before!

Price: € 450 per car (Catering included). Please note that Petrolhead Days has to accept your classic car before your reservation is completed.