Petrolhead Thursdays

Always dreamed of driving your sportscar on a racetrack? Want to learn how to drive like a pro? Do you have petrol running through your veins? Join us at one of our Petrolhead Days and improve your driving skills! Drive your supercar in safety, guided by our professional Petrolhead instructors. No racing licence needed, no noise limitations and maximum 25 cars on track at the same time. Discover our ultimate experiences for any Petrolhead!


7:30 Welcome & registration
8:30 Briefing
09:00 Track sessions (2x 20min per group)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Track sessions (3x 20min per group)
16:20 Cocktail
19:00 End of the event

On these dates, the track time is split between Petrolhead Thursday and the International training day.
During the Petrolhead Thursday sessions, participants are divided in two groups: Sport and Warming-up, in order to respect their level of experience. Each group will have 5 track sessions of 20 min. For the Warming-up group, the first three sessions will be accompagnied by an instructor. For the Sport group, only the first session will be under guidance of an instructor.

Circuit Zolder: € 450 per car (Catering included)

Join us on track @ Circuit Zolder.