Good to know

General information

  • TRACK DAY – A track day is a non-competitive event on a closed circuit, open for everybody.
  • PERSONAL PREPARATIONS – Be well rested, fed and hydrated. Leave your stress at home and enjoy the atmosphere at your chosen Petrolhead Day.
  • REGISTRATION – Mandatory registation for all drivers and passengers, starts at 7:30hr.
  • DRIVERS BRIEFING – All drivers have to attend this safety briefing before entering the track.
  • WARMING-UP – 5 x 20 minute sessions to take your first steps towards perfect driving.         In Spa we have 4 x 30 minute sessions
  • SPORT – 5 x 20 minute sessions to take your skills to the next level at a high pace.
    In Spa we have 4 x 30 minute sessions
  • MINIMUM AGE – All drivers need to be over 18 and have a valid drivers licence.
  • PASSENGERS – Every passenger pays a daily fee of €60 per person, minimum age is 16.
  • RACING INSTRUCTORS – Professional racing coaches are available for €40 per session.
  • ALCOHOL & DRUGS – Strictly forbidden!
  • PIT BOXES – Can be rented for €150 per day in Zolder but have to be booked in advance. In Spa the boxes are 200€ per day.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – Taking pictures is permitted in the spectater zones. Our official Petrolhead                          Days photographer will be present at every event, pictures are sold online.
  • PRIVACY – If you request to have no pictures online, please let us know in the morning.
  • MOTORSPORT INSURANCE – Not mandatory but if you want to be covered at all times, we can offer a special motorsport insurance for any mishaps on track. More information at one of our Petrolhead Days.


  • SAFETY & COMFORT – Dress comfortably to assure free movement and cover exposed skin.
  • RACING WEAR – Race suit and gloves are not mandatory but we do recommend them.
  • SHOES – Only closed shoes allowed, thin shoes give you a good feeling of the pedals.
  • PASSENGERS CLOTHING – Something comfortable that covers exposed skin.
  • HELMETS – First 3 sessions of the warming-up group will be driven without helmet. For the     last 2 warming-up sessions a helmet is mandatory. Helmet is mandatory for the Sport sessions. There are no helmet specifications.


  • TYPES – Petrolhead Thursday and Sunday is open to exclusive sportscars ( +330pk ) and classic sport cars.
  •  NUMBER – There wil be maximum 25 customer cars on the track at the same time.
  •  SAFETY EQUIPMENT – Seat belts must be worn at all times.
  • TYRES – No slicks allowed. Check the quality of your tyres and slightly deflate them before       entering the track.
  • BRAKES – Better brakes mean better driving lines. Let your brakes cool down after each session.
  • ENGINE – Please make sure that your cooling liquids, fuel and oil levels are sufficient.
  • FUEL – Cars can be filled up at the racetrack. Start your day with a full tank.
  • NOISE RESTRICTIONS – No noise limits!
  • WINDOWS & WIPERS – Keep your windows and wipers clean for maximum visibility.
  • STICKERS – Will be provided by the organization and have to be applied to your windows.
  • LIGHTS – All cars must be fitted with working lights, brake lights and indicators.
  • TOWING EYES/HOOKS – Must be fitted before entering the track.
  • CAMERAS – Filming your fast laps is allowed, make sure that all cameras are firmly attached.

Track rules

  • FLAGS – Always respect the track marshalls and their flags:
    YELLOW: Safety zone, drive slowly and don’t overtake
    GREEN: The session can be continued at normal racing speed
    BLUE: There is a faster driver behind you, let him pass
    RED: Something happened on track, all drivers to the pits. End of your track session
    BLACK: You are disqualified, return to the pits immediatly
  • RACING TECHNIQUES – Stay on the ideal racing line, faster cars will find their way around you. Drive with respect, dangerous drivers will be disqualified.
  • CAR FAILURE – If your car breaks down on track, always try to put it in a safe spot next to the circuit. Stay in your car and wait for the officials.

Cars, drivers and/or passengers not complying with all of the above will be refused to access the track. No refunds will be given if any of these rules are broken.