Want to be part of Petrolhead WEEKEND 2020?

Petrolhead Days, passion on track. The main event will be Petrolhead Weekend on June 13th & 14th 2020. Discover the best and fastest dreamcars, visit our car clubs, walk through the Petrolhead Village and enjoy all activities for the entire family. Entrance for visitors is €10. Choose your option and  join us on track @ Circuit Zolder! Get your tickets HERE

I want to drive my car on a racetrack

During Petrolhead Weekend, owners of exclusive cars can hit the track during 5 track sessions of 20 minutes. Participants are divided in two groups: Sport and Warming-up, in order to respect their level of experience. For the Warming-up group, the first three sessions will be accompagnied by an instructor. For the Sport group, only the first session will start under guidance of an instructor.

Please note that your car will only be allowed on the track after confirmation from the Petrolhead Organisation. No racecars or cars with slick tyres are allowed on track


I want to participate in the Petrolhead Rally

  • Breakfast & lunch in the Petrolhead Lounge @ Circuit Zolder
  • Lap around Circuit Zolder to start the tour
  • 1 track session included
  • Breakfast, lunch and open bar included
  • Roadbook included
  • Registration and prizes per team of 2 people (driver and codriver) (kan jij dan ook 2 vakken maken, 1tje met driver name en 1 met codriver name)
  • +/- 100km over sceneric roads
  • Extra challenge on the route, to be announced 
  • Maximum 50 teams 
  • 8hr30 – 9hr30 Welcome breakfast @ Petrolhead Lounge
  • 9hr30 – 10hr00 Starting procedure @ the racetrack
  • 10hr00 Start with lap at Circuit Zolder
  • 12hr30 – 14hr00 Lunch @ Petrolhead Lounge
  • 15hr30 Track session
  • Afternoon paddock walk 
  • Parking inside paddock included
  • Price €249 per team


I want to show my car in the Petrolhead Paddock

If you own a super car, classic car or dream car that you want to show to other car enthousiasts, you can park in our Petrolhead Paddock for €10. Let other visitors enjoy your pride and joy by parking it at the paddock inside the racetrack.

Do you want a full catering package with breakfast, lunch and drinks in our Petrolhead Bar? We charge €65 per person for this catering package which has to be paid in advance.

Please note that your car will only be allowed in the paddock after confirmation from the organisation.

Mail to niels@petrolheaddays.com to register

I want access to the Petrolhead Lounge (Full catering)

Join us in the Petrolhead Lounge for a great day at the racetrack. Enjoy lots of exclusive dreamcars, talk to passionate people and feel the true Petrolhead atmosphere in all paddocks of Circuit Zolder.

– Exclusive access to the Petrolhead Lounge
– Bring your friends, family or business partners
– Get surrounded by exclusive dreamcars & passionate people
– Have lunch in true Petrolhead style
– Open Bar all day long
– Networking event

€ 65 per person

Please note that you will only be allowed in the Petrolhead Lounge after confirmation from the organisation.

Mail to niels@petrolheaddays.com for bookings

I want to be present as a trader

We offer different options to be part of the event and to exhibit cars, bikes or any related products in our Petrolhead paddock. Please get in touch with niels@petrolheaddays.com to get your offer. * All prices are VAT excluded.

Petrolhead VIP Lounge

  • VIP Village
  • Full catering
  • Drinks included
  • €65 per person *

Petrolhead Pitlane

  • Pitlane expo 125m2
  • Double pitbox 100m2
  • 50 entry tickets
  • €2.000 *

Petrolhead Rally exclusive

  • Rally slot exclusive
  • Maximum 30 sportscars
  • 60 entry tickets
  • 30 places Dreamcar Paddock
  • Breakfast, lunch and open bar for 2 people per car 
  • Start of the rally on the racetrack
  • Roadbook +/- 100km
  • Extra challenge on the way
  • 1 exclusive circuit session 20 minutes
  • €5.000 * (€167 instead of €235 per auto).

Circuit session

  • 30 minutes exclusive circuit session
  • No noise limit
  • Maximum 30 sportscars
  • 60 entry tickets
  • 30 places in the Dreamcar Paddock
  • €2.000 *

Petrolhead Paddock

  • Paddock expo 250 m2
  • Tent arcade 15 x 10 meter with floor
  • Paddock space 10 x 10 meter before tent
  • 100 entry tickets
  • €5.000 *

Petrolhead Communication Partner

Want to link your brand with Petrolhead Sunday or participate one of our Petrolhead Days? We offer different packs to make you one of our trusted partners. Enjoy our wide spread communication and no-nonsense organisation.

Want to be present at Petrolhead Weekend or one of our other events? Get in touch with us at niels@petrolheaddays.com